Act attack



My role: For this project, I act as user researcher, designer and content strategist

My approach: I am adopting a mix of Lean and Design Thinking, Lean Branding and Marketing Analytics.  

The story: Act Attack is an English speaking acting and improv school based in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Athens that seeks to make people more confident, creative and connected through theater-based courses. As a solution to promote the courses among the main target audience (expats 20-35 years old), Act Attack has three websites, which need to be customized as well as a better user experience. Not only, in general, Act Attack brand also need to be more cohesive throughout all the digital channels.

Target group: attention-deficient young students and urban professionals aged between 20-35 years old.



Redesign Act Attack digital channels to provide a more unified, trustworthy and unique experience, while serving the needs of Act Attack's main audience as well as Act Attack's business objectives.

Desired Outcome

A playful digital design experience and brand identity that meet the needs of Act Attack's  main audiences and provide the with clear information about Act Attack's offers.


1. Learn

Participants: 10 modern, attention-deficient students and young urban professionals based in Amsterdam, Athens and Barcelona (Android and IOS users); Act Attack's main stakeholders.

Methods:  stakeholders interviews, branding workshop, remote usability test, semi-structured user interviews; remote card sorting; informal discussions.


I first run a workshop with George and Act Attack's communication manager to better understand the business model, message and objectives. As a result, we drew a business model canvas and set precise goals of what Act Attack wants to achieve through this UX and branding project. After that, I run branding workshop with the whole team with the aim to re-think the brand core, mission and purpose. This information is being used to re-shape the brand identity of Act Attack.


 I went through the website myself, and then I conducted  a remote usability test and qualitative interviews with 10 participants ( 5 Act Attack's students, 5 young students and urban professionals living in Barcelona, Athens and Amsterdam aged between 22 and 35 years old). I  also executed a remote card sorting game to understand how participants would expect the content to appear on the website. 


Create order out of chaos

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