My latest ethnographies...



2020 - 2022

Who Cares?  is a project initiated by MOHA - an artist collective based in Amsterdam. Through creative ethnographies, research labs, and performances, we investigate and uncover the meaning of "care" in contemporary society. 


On ecological justice and broken objects

2019 - 2021

An ethnography of material culture that explores the extent to which the ethnographic collections of the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam can effectively and democratically contribute to ecological discussions.


On place and wellbeing of marginalized communities


Through a qualitative lens of analysis and creative ethnographic engagement with squatters communities such as the Amsterdamse Doe-het-zelf Maatschappij (Amsterdam) we looked at the role of place in the well-being of people, how people take care of "their" place and more in general, to dynamics of inclusion and exclusion in place making .