I terzi



My role: I’m responsible for the design research, process and the content strategy of the website. ​

My approach I  am making use of a mixed methodology using Lean and Design Thinking tools, and Marketing Analytics.

The story: I Terzi is a consultancy firm in the field of accounting, payroll and business counseling based in Rome. It was founded in 2013 by a group of specialized young professionals who are particularly committed to support the no-profit sector. As a solution to introduce themselves and display their expertise to their prospective clients in the no-profit, I Terzi wants to launch a website. 



Help I Terzi  expand their presence online and attract new clients in the no-profit by designing a user-friendly website that highlights how they're best prepared to serve their needs.

desired Outcome

human-centered, responsive website that meet the needs of their no-profit clients and provide clear information about their services and specialties.


1. Learn

Goals: To gain a deeper understanding of the business objectives as well as a deeper understanding of their potential clients, particularly those in the no-profit sector.


I ran two remote workshops, with two groups of three people from I Terzi’s team, including stakeholders from all departments. We examined the first web design prototyped by the Creative Company, generated assumptions of user pain points and identified key areas for improvement. The findings have been used later in the second workshops to inform the ideation of design concepts.


I ran a usability test of the first prototype of the website with 5 participants (non-clients, people working in the no-profit sector in Italy). 

Tools: Field diary, a board, a marker, a laptop, Optimal Workshop.


2. Create order out of chaos

Goals: make sense of user research; analyze and identify gain and pains of possible clients, re-frame the challenge according to participants' needs, motivations and goals.

Tools: Field diary, a board, post-its, marker, Power Point, Adobe Illustrator


I translated the result of the usability test in a user journey map and a written report.



Through the user journey map I  could highlight the pain points of the users and gained precious information to better organise the information architecture of the website.



I translated the content of the user interviews in an empathy map, a persona ( Carlotta The Activist) and three scenarios and I used information I collected during the workshop to design a business model canvas too.



Through the empathy map I could better understand how I Terzi could alleviate the pains of their prospective clients.



Through the making of a persona I could share my findings with the rest of the team so that also they could also empathize with their main clients' target.



This is a fundamental step I needed to understand the business context and whether I Terzi business model would need to change in order to alleviate the pain of their prospective clients.



After an ideation workshop, I've drawn the information architecture of the website.


3. Ideate

Goals: To share user research with the team of I Terzi and come up with numerous wild and innovative ideas.

I ran an ideation workshop with all the stakeholders involved in the "LEARN" stage. Based on the results of the co-creative brainstorming session, I designed the information architecture of the website and I carried on a remote reverse card sort with 5 participants (working in the no-profit in Italy) and together with the team we picked the best design.

Tools: A board, post-its, and markers. 



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